“If You Are NOT Engaging Your Audience in Real, Meaningful Ways Right NOW, You’re Business Will FAIL!”

The GREAT News Is That You Can ENGAGE Your Audience in New Ways THAT Can Quickly
Explode Your Growth and Create an Army of Loyal Fans!

Let’s be REAL for a moment…when you get down to the core of who we are as people, there are really only five, deep-seated desires that every one of us hold to (whether we admit it or not):

  • We want to know we matter
  • We want to belong
  • We want hope
  • We want to be loved
  • We want to be happy

That’s it. Everything we are, do and have ultimately revolve around those five desires. These desires and the ways they play out in our life are known as our story, and that STORY is the very tool that will enable you to engage your audience in ways that no other strategy or method can! Why? Because…at the end of the day, what your audience longs for…what YOU long for…is to interact with, build relationships with and do business with people who are REAL! The same is true of our prospects and customers. They are controlled by the SAME five desires. Unfortunately, in the name of being “tough” or “strong,” we relegate those desires to secret conversations behind closed doors, if we even acknowledge them at all. Of course, it doesn’t really matter if we ignore them or not, they STILL control us.

What would happen if you genuinely connected with the “stories” of your prospects. I’m not talking about a shallow, “tell ’em want they want to hear” interaction to trick people into buying. No! I mean…to establish an authentic heart connection with your prospect? If you were able to truly connect with a new prospect, client or audience at THAT level, what do you think would happen? I believe you know…relationship! We would forge a trust bond with customers that would last a lifetime. Crazy as it sounds to say, if you were to make each customer feel like they mattered, that they belonged to something bigger than themselves, that they were loved and that our priority was their happiness…can you imagine? They would truly be customers for life…AND…tell everyone they know.

So the challenge is…

“How do we ENGAGE our audience?”

Through stories! There you have it…the ONE tool every one of you possess is the ONE tool that can make you a huge success with your audience! The key…the SECRET…is in understanding WHAT stories work and which ones do not, HOW to use your stories in a way that actually ENGAGES your audience and WHEN using the wrong stories may do more harm than good!


Introducing…”Engage With Stories!”

In this four-part video series, you will discover how to engage your audience in a much more meaningful and profitable way through the power of telling stories. This will result in increased sales, increased traffic to your website and long-term relationships with the customers, prospects and audience of your dreams! In “Engage With Stories,” you will discover:

  • Engaging your audience at every level of your business, from your social media interaction to the products themselves
  • Identifying Story Engagement Points in Your Business, Product or Brand
  • Determining the Best Types of Engagement for Your Audience
  • The Importance of Research and Testing
  • How to assemble effective story campaigns that will encourage your audience to interact with you regularly
  • Behind-the-scenes strategies of how I’m using stories to engage others to co-create new products with me, like “A Day With the Sacred”
  • And Much More!

Throughout this course, I will be deconstructing personal examples of how I am using Stories to Engage my audience in powerful ways that encourages the co-creation of content for my products. I will reveal the secrets behind:

The Public Domain Code Book puzzle.

How I created it, engaged my audience with it for several years and how you can create the same process!


A Day With the Sacred Project.

The evolution of the idea, how I engaged my audience, and found writers who wanted to contribute to the project at no cost!

I will also be revealing how I plan to ramp up my Skies365 project to create an International holiday that will hopeful inspire 1 million participants worldwide, how I am engaging my audience in EVERY new product I create and MUCH MORE!

Bonus! Also Included…
“Market With Stories”

In “Market With Stories,” I will take you through the entire process of creating your own, powerful story-based videos that fit your target audience. In this four-video series, you will not only discover how to identify the right kind of story to tell for your audience, I you will also see first-hand, the entire video creation process, step-by-step. In “Market With Stories,” I reveal:

  • The BEST sources for compelling stories that you don’t have to write yourself
  • The six ways to connect with your prospect’s story
  • The role that music plays and where to find the right music tracks that connect with your audience
  • How to avoid legal issues by avoiding copyrighted materials
  • Developing your script for the video creation process
  • Choosing the right photographs to tell your story visually
  • All the technical HOW-TO assembling of your video in an over-my-shoulder, easy-to-understand manner
  • How to decide on the right resolution and file format
  • The best places to share your finished video and how to get the buzz started
  • How to find the right video software you can use for free
  • And Much More!

To discover more about what’s included in the “Market With Stories” training, click HERE!

JUST ADDED! New Bonuses!
“Market with Stories” Content Pack

When creating your own “story” videos, finding great content to use can be time consuming AND expensive, which is why I’ve decided to add some great content for you to get started with! The “Market with Stories” Content Pack includes:

50 Royalty-Free Photographs

These aren’t just ANY photographs…these are photographs that I’ve taken personally, and this is the first time (and perhaps the last time) I’ve offered others access to my photos to use in their projects. The included landscapes and nature close-ups are a perfect way to get started with creating your own “Story” video.

40 Royalty-Free Background Music Tracks

You will also need background music for your video creations, so I scoured the Internet to find music tracks you can use in your own “Story” videos. I also assembled a list of the BEST royalty-free music sites that I use personally to find amazing music for my own videos…some clips for as low as $.99 each!

15+ “Stories” and Poems to Inspire You!

The Public Domain is filled with amazing stories, quotes and poems you can use as the basis for your “Story” videos, and I’ve assembled over 15 of the BEST inspirational stories and poems I could find (they don’t call me the Public Domain Expert for nothing…grin). Combined with the photographs and background music I’ve included, you will have everything you need to get started creating your OWN story videos!

In this new LIVE webinar, we will explore how to use the Power of Story to draw people to your blog, engage you in Social Media and interact with your products. We will also discover how other people’s stories can write YOUR sales copy and guide you to your next successful products! Want a behind-the-scenes look at the Power of Story in action? I will be sharing my “Story” strategies I’m using with the “Day with the Sacred” project to create an interactive social and media experience that people WANT to participate in, and that sponsors are lining up for. You will NOT want to miss this results packed webinar!

As you would imagine, I could easily sell this training for $497. This level of step-by-step guidance ensures your success in creating powerful stories that will engage your audience. Because I know how much time, effort and frustration it cost me to learn how to do what I’m sharing in this course, I want to save you from all that by making it easy to benefit from my trial and error. So, rather than request an investment of $497 or even $297, I’m going to give you access to the entire LIVE training and replays, including the interactive Facebook Group for just $297 $197!

Just $297 $197

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Get Your Access Now…

  • Access to the “Engage With Stories” 4-Part Video Series
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